You know when you eat something so good and your eyes get all misty? Shut up. I’m not crying…. YOU’RE crying. Well, hold on to your britches, because the snitch just had a fried chicken sandwich that may quite possibly rule them all.

This week, we checked out Whistle Britches Chicken over by Preston Road and Frankford Road. The building has an odd history, it used to be a Sonic Drive-In, then it became the short-lived Spork and now it’s the casual yet-trendy Whistle Britches. I know what you’re thinking – do they have that awesome Sonic Ice? No, they didn’t keep the Sonic ice-machine because I totally asked them. Yes. These are things I ask. And yes, it’s sometimes embarrassing to go out with me – but I’m here for you, people. 

front 150dpi
bar 72dpi

It’s got a casual vibe, so you can just roll right in with your shorts and whatnot. Which is good, because this is Dallas and we dress up to go to Kroger. They got a set of aluminum chickens out front and the patio is a good size – and it’s dog friendly. The don’t have a ton of shady spots, so be prepared for it being sunny, just wear your SPF like your mamma keeps telling you to do. The tables and chairs all don’t match – which makes WB part of the rash of restaurants that are hipster-chic. But I didn’t see any mason jars being used as glasses, so everyone can calm down.

The menu is smallish, but it’s got some solid choices. It was Saturday, and they have $4 Bloody Marys and $4 Mimosas. Let me say that again….4 dollars. It come with a bunch of garnishes – but not too many – not like when you see a mini cheeseburger on a toothpick stuck in your drink. What the hell is that? I’m just not comfortable with my drink sporting a slider on the side.

bloody mary

Starting off, we were going to order the deviled eggs but they were a little too fancy for a Saturday brunch with me wearing my shorts and all, so we went with the “Chicken Oysters.” I was kinda worried they would be like “Rocky Mountain Oysters” and no one wants those. BUT rest assured, these were NOT from the chicken nether regions – these were chicken fried strips from the small of the chicken’s back….so basically the “tramp stamp” region.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

They were good…but the tartar sauce that they were served with … that was REAL good. I just wanted to put my face in that bowl. It had dill and Old Bay seasoning in it – which gave that chicken life, man. It gave it life.

What were we eating?
For entrees, we had some tough choices. Fried chicken is the main meat on practically everything. And I can see why.  They pickle-brine it, like Chick-fil-A does, and it seals in the moisture and gives it some great flavor. The breading was good but may need a pinch of salt  when you get it – but that’s just how I like to roll. We ordered the Sir-Mix-A-Lot dinner and the Whistle Britches Sandwich. The Sir-Mix-A-Lot came with big pieces of chicken…and I like big chicken…I cannot lie. Please tell me you got that reference.

You can get a side of the potato salad or cabbage cole slaw with it. We went with the potato salad which was heavy on the scallions and celery salt – which went so well with the chicken. Don’t be scared – they have a bucket of mints on the way out, grab some for the car ride back.

sauces 72dpi
wb with garlic parm fries
sir mix a lot 72dpi
chicken oysters

You know what I want to talk about now? The biscuit.
Oh my god, Becky, look at this biscuit. It’s just so big. It’s like out there. Look. It’s flakier and buttery-sweet like a sorority girl trying to get into a club for free. They gave us a side of pepper gravy and yes, we sopped that biscuit in that pool of southern goodness. (You know you loved this paragraph so much you read it twice).

Next up was the Whistle Britches sandwich. And nestled beneath two slabs of that delectable biscuit. I peaked under the hood, and there was a dollop of butter sitting on a layer of pepper jam. What? Oh you heard me. It’s a knife-and-forker, so don’t even attempt to pick it up. The mix of flavors was ah-maze-zing.

The sandwich comes with crispy chips, but we also got the fries. Because you knew we would. They are crispy shoestring. And you can get a garlic parmesan butter poured on them. Yeah. We did that. We were not disappointed.

They give you a variety of sauces in a mini wooden crate (hipster def-con level 7) – honey, hot sauce, etc. We ended up keeping the Old Bay tartar sauce and dipped a few fries in it between chicken bites. It plays. It totally plays.

And then we needed a topper….
You know this snitch can’t NOT have a dessert. You can choose from five or so sweet concoctions. If it’s your first time, share the coconut cream pie. It’s a good one. And let’s face it, we all have to fit in our pants tomorrow – so dine responsibly – but get a topper.

What you should drink here: If you’re here on the weekend, The $4 Bloody Mary. It counts as a serving of vegetables.

What you should eat here: The Whistle Britches sandwich and the Chicken Oysters starter. And don’t let them take the dip away – you’ll end up dipping everything in it later. Just thinking about that pickle-brined chicken…..

Shut up, I’m not crying. There’s something in my eye.

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Whistle Britches
6110 Frankford Rd
Dallas TX 75252