It’s the end of the year and you realize that you gotta take some days off…. use ’em or lose ’em, right? They call them PTO – Personal Time Off days….I refer to them as “Personal Time OUT” days. Because sometimes you just need a mental health day so that you don’t go around slapping people at the office. Which is frowned upon. I always end up with too many days that I have to take off and not enough left in the year to take them. What the? I’m not letting a free day just… disappear! Every year, I tell myself that I’m going to NOT have this happen in December and yet EVERY. DAMN. DECEMBER. Here I am.

I know you feel me on this one.

Days off can be magical.  And yes, lounging around with no pants is the best thing in the world. Well, next to lounging around with no pants and eating cereal. BUT, what if I told you there was MORE? Life outside of your comfy couch? Life outside the Matrix? Get out of here!

Stay with me on this one, Neo.

Any day can be a staycation if you plan it right. And it’s not even that hard because I got you. I got you so covered on this. I’m opening up a new guide called “Take the Day Off – Do This Stuff” It’s going to be clock full of stuff you can do on those much-needed rest days. SO let’s get this fun coaster started….

Fuel Up for Breakfast
You need to get something in your belly, STAT. I mean, seriously, you haven’t even in like 8 hours. Sure, you were sleeping. But that means you weren’t eating. Since you don’t have to rush off to work, get something good. If Starbucks is your jam, then actually sit inside and enjoy your drink. You’re probably the only one sitting there not trying to bogart their free internet while you work on your start-up. But today is your PTO day, get yourself a freakin’ breakfast taco. You know who has great ones? Torchy’s. That wasn’t really a question. Get the Monk Special. You’re getting cheese, eggs, green chilis and bacon. It’ll french kiss your mouth with its goodness.

The Monk Special from Torchy’s Tacos Instagram

Dress in Black and Be All Artsy
We all know that winter can be a cold bitch….what with all this falalala freakin’ la going on everywhere. You know what’s awesome when you’re smothered in too much red and green festiveness. Art. Art is beautiful. It’s peaceful. And that Elf on a Shelf bastard isn’t anywhere around. If you’re in Dallas, check out The Nasher is a veritable cornucopia of beauty and grace. You can experience the artistic genius of more than 300 sculptures together with 20th century paintings, drawings, prints and photographs in an airy, modern, brilliant space. If you’re in Fort Worth, head over to the Amon Carter Museum of American Art which is always free (they’re all open every day except for Mondays). Because apparently the museum has a case of “the Mondays.”

Get Jolly on the Trolley
The DART M-Line is M-agical. Especially during the day, when it’s not super full. I hate people all up in my space. Maybe you’re wanting to get your festive on but not have to brave the traffic. They deck out the Troll starting 12/19 through 12/23, so you can hitch a ride and pretend you’re in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” You can even grab a Starbucks hot chocolate and a cookie to make you forget about Becky in Accounting who keeps calling for your expense report. You’ll get it, Becky. Calm the EFF down.
Details About Tickets on the M-Line

Who Doesn’t Love a Trolley?

Learn about Old-Timey Planes 
That’s a serious description. I just say “old-timey” and you know what I mean. I don’t have to use a whole bunch of $5 words, amiright? So get more smarts stuffed in your head at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum which is a non-profit educational museum that centers around vintage aircraft. This is a cool place to learn more about aviation studies and experience America’s aviation heritage. It’s a smallish museum so you can get through it in a day – you’ll be able to see some old-timer planes, see how the museum restores and displays vintage aircraft and check out their collection related to the history of aviation.
Details about Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Soup’s On!
You know lunch at work? It’s either the healthy lunch you packed at home (and probably has boiled eggs or kale in it), or it’s the sad sammich you grab at the closest office deli. And no doubt, if you’re like me, you started thinking about lunch at 9:47am. So none of those things are making your dreams come true. But on your day off…it’s on like Donkey Kong. And being that Delkus is bring the cold front to us, we need soup! Because nothing says, “I got all the time in the world” like soup. It’s the John Legend slow-jam of lunches. So options here are plentiful. Lavender’s has a French Onion Soup with so much cheese on it, you won’t know what do with yourself. I love a good Vietnamese Pho and Pho is for Lovers and Pho Que Huong are both freakin’ amazing.

Check Out Some Cool AF Gift Options at M’Antiques.
Sometimes you need a really cool gift for a cool friend. And sometimes you want to drink a beer while looking for it. There’s a place for that. What? Oh, you heard me. Check out M’Antiques in the Bishop Arts District. They have all kinds of stuff. Stuff like vintage hair combs that look like cars. Old Typewriters. Toys. Bike Stuff. Movie Stuff. Stuff. They have it. It’s a great way to kill a few hours and find some nostalgic gems to buy.
Check out DFW M’Antiques

All images below from DFWMantiques Instagram

Be a Movie Buff at the Angelika
Nothing says “I’m on my day off” like going to a movie during the day. And drinking. Which is why the Angelika is one of the best places to check out a movie that isn’t a blockbuster hit, but might be an arthouse classic that you’ve been dying to see without having to consult “the committee” on who wants to see what and then getting an UNbuttered popcorn because that’s better for us. Screw our health! Bring on the buttered popcorn and grab a beer from concessions. And seriously, see 2 movies. It’s not like you’re on the clock or anything.
Showtimes at the Angelika

Check out some holiday lights
It’s so overdone. It’s so blah-blah-blah. It’s SO PERFECT. You know you love the twinkling lights. So put the car radio on the Christmas music station and take the long way back home and check out some of these amazing displays.

So take a day off, Ferris. The work will still be there when you get back. And for Pete’s sake, Becky, you’ll get your freakin’ expense report when I finally find that airport parking receipt.

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