I like a good summer. But I LOVES me some Fall. It’s still got a few warm days and the sweetness of summer, but now you get the savory of fall. It’s like the brunch of the Seasons – easy to order off both menus. And ya’ll know I LOVES me some brunch – especially these places. But like good cheese, sometimes there’s a funkiness to it. Which is why I have a very strong love/hate relationship with Fall.

LOVE: Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
Call me basic. I don’t freakin’ care. Everyone loves a pumpkin spice latte. And if they say they don’t, they are liars. Dirty, dirty liars. You can’t separate Fall from the PSL. That’s like separating Egg Nog from Winter. I don’t even like Egg Nog. I don’t judge. It’s got a weird texture. I have a thing about weird food texture.

HATE: Odd Pumpkin Spice Products
While I love a good Pumpkin Spice Latte, what the hell is up with all the other companies trying to make everything Pumpkin Spice. Just in the last few days, I’ve seen Pumpkin Spice Pop Tarts, Jell-o, Twinkles and Mini Wheats. What the eff? I’m not going to eat any of that food REGULAR flavored let alone spiced with pumpkin. Just like how how Gretchen Weiners wasn’t going to make “fetch” happen. Pumpkins Spice Jell-o ain’t going to happen.

I will try Pumpkin Four Loco….because that sounds like a winner with 20% alcohol.


LOVE: Changing Colors on the Trees
It’s a magical time of the year when you start to see a mixture of gold, orange, red and yellow across the landscape. Nothing finer than a drive through the Texas countryside and seeing the colors for miles.

HATE: Leaves All Over the Damn Place
Seriously. Leaves. All over the Damn Place. I know you’re with me on this one. You spend all day raking – and just when you think you’ve raked all the leaves up, your neighbor’s tree blows a whole barrelful into your yard. SERENITY NOW!

LOVE: Standard Time
Long days and short nights are my jam. I freaking love seeing the sun when I’m going to work and then when I’m leaving. Makes me think I’m not giving my best hours cooped up at work. Sunshine at the end the day is still like you have some “day” left. But this is only lasts for about a month into Fall.

HATE: Daylight Saving Time
What is this freakin’ madness. We are not farmers. Why do they do this to us? No one likes this. When I’m ready to hang out, my brain’s all “oh but it’s dark outside. You’re old. You should go to bed.” I’m not growing corn for a living, I’m making spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. I don’t need it to be bright and sunny at 4am. Cows don’t care. I don’t care. For the love of all that is good and decent, give us back the Sun!

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LOVE: Layering Clothes
There is something to be said about layering clothes. It makes you look put together. Not in a dumb matchy-matchy way, but in a “hey, I know how to put 3 colors next to each other and not look like a crazy person” kind of way. Also, sweaters are the bomb. Amiright?

HATE: Layering Clothes
Because sometimes you look like a matchy-matchy crazy person. And sometimes everything is so tight you feel like a sausage casing. Amiright?

LOVE: Halloween
It’s like the best holiday. Ever. That wasn’t a question. That was a statement. Pumpkin carving. Fall leaves (we already covered how that’s cool AF). S’mores. Hayrides. Haunted Houses. Scary Movies. I love scary movies – I’m always whispering to myself “don’t go in there! Why are you deciding to take a shower now? Running in heels, are you crazy? Get up! Don’t open that door! He just said it was pure evil, just leave the house people – you can find ANOTHER house!” You’re totally nodding in agreement. I can tell.  Best part : You get candy all day. For free. And you get to eat it all day. And you get to dress up like Chewbacca and scream at everyone. Just me? Okay. Well ya’ll are missing out.

HATE: Christmas decorations in Stores in October
Come on, people. Just stop. Just freakin’ stop.

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