Brunch is the zebra of meals – is it lunch? Is it breakfast? All I know is, if you have a bad one, it kicks like a mule.

The best brunches are ones with free mimosas. But, you usually have to wait until it’s a holiday (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Arbor Day)….that last one I might have made up.

Eggs and Bacon. Mussels and Calamari. Mimosas and Bloody Marys. And bread. All kinds of freakin’ bread.

It’s all the food I want to stuff in my face RIGHTNOW.

There are a TON of brunch places in Dallas, but sometimes the choice is overwhelming…it’s like choosing a favorite dog. I love all the dogs. I am hard pressed to choose a favorite.

At this moment, my actual dog is giving me side eye. And since he only has one eye, it’s pretty powerful. And funny. Like 15% powerful and 85% funny. Probably not the effect he was going for.

Moving on to the platters of goodness that await you…..Check out some of these gems and I promise that you won’t be disappointed:

A Little Bit for EveryoneSnitch Favorite
Bonnie Ruth’s

If you’re a little farther north, check out this amazing brunch in Frisco. They also have one in Allen, but I haven’t been to that one yet. The atmosphere is wood and casual elegance – it’s a french restaurant/bakery after all. Great options but not overwhelming. You have your breakfast standards AND a made-to-order egg station.

Bonnie Ruth Frisco
Bonnie Ruths Frisco

Plus they have fresh calamari and steamed mussels. Oh it’s fancy like that. Best part, the desserts. Like 3 tables worth of pastries and cakes. And the buffet is reasonably priced, which is key, amiright?

What you should eat here: The chocolate cake. If you don’t like chocolate cake then you got issues. It’s super rich and doused in ganache…and unicorn kisses.

What you should drink here: The mimosas are light and airy and you could drink a dozen of them before you even realize it. Plan for an afternoon nap. You’ll need it.

The brunch is $12.95 for Saturdays with free-flowing mimosas. Let’s say that again free-flowing mimosas. Sundays run $18.95 with $2 mimosas and $4 bloody marys.

When you’re feeling lunch-ish
Super easy to get to this delicious spot. It’s
RIGHT off the Dallas North Tollway in the last neighborhood before Dallas becomes Plano. A lot of folks don’t know that Maguire’s has a great brunch. These folks are missing out. It’s a smaller menu, but gives some solid choices for a group that is leaning more towards “unch” in brunch – lots of good salad options and light lunch fare.

Maguire’s Dallas

What you should eat here: the GIANT sticky bun. It comes loaded up with pecans and caramel and sugary sweetness. One order will sufficiently put about 4-5 people into a sugar coma. You have been warned.

What you should drink here: The make-your-own Bloody Mary bar is off the chain. Three stock mixes and a house mix. Go heavy on the horseradish. You’ll thank me.

No buffet option. The menu hovers around the $10-22 range.

For Dog-Loving Coffee Afficiandos
The Coffee House Cafe

Coffee House Cafe
Coffee House Cafe

This laid back hipster coffee house will remind you of something more west coast. Reclaimed wood decor, excellent outdoor space and a menu that inspired by clean eating. That’s not to say that they don’t have something to cure the head that aches you. It’s located off of Preston Road and Frankford – and most importantly dogs are allowed on the outdoor patio (patio rules for dogs). Breakfast has some great options including Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Challah French Toast and great sandwiches (pro tip: order the truffle and sea salt fries with your sammie).

And if you happen to slip a slice of bacon to Fido…no harm no foul.

What you should drink here: Not ironically, the coffee. Their espresso bar features a post – roast espresso blend representing 3 coffee growing continents and is both Certified Organic and FairTrade. They have an impressive coffee set up and the rich boldness will make you feel like your life is brand new.

What you should eat here: If you’re new here, you need to try the Biegnets. They are lightly dusted and will bring you back to mornings in the Quarter…but without the weird street-party smell.

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