neighborhood servicesIf you haven’t been to Neighborhood Services yet, you need to fix that real fast. We went to the Addison location with #Snitchfriends Johnny and Krista who hadn’t experienced the awesomeness – and they were not disappointed.

The ambiance reminds you of someone’s cool living room. Kitchy ns table creditedyet tasteful décor the walls and a medium sized dining room that can get boisterous, but in a good way. Not like Target on a Saturday– which sometimes erupts into pure madness. Question – why do kids cry at Target? Target is everyone’s Happy Place. There is no crying at Target.

Back in the ns patio creditedNeighborhood, if you’re looking for a happy hour spot, this place can fit the bill, too. They got a spacious patio with a modern look that is nestled between the shops.

Since we had some newbies, we ordered like champions:

Starters: Bar Snacks with Onion Dip. Which are house-made BBQ chips and a creamy dip that is straight up good. So good, that we ordered ANOTHER round. And I’m pretty sure Johnny IMG_8961slipped a few in his pocket for later. We also got the deviled eggs with a filling so light and airy – you forget all the cholesterol.


Shrimp anIMG_8964d Grits – with grits that were so smooth and buttery and a delectable sauce that is like sunshine in your soul. Not literally. That would be weird.

London Broil –  Snitch favorite
CitySnitch has been here a few dozen times, and usually gets this because it’s hard NOT to. The char on this bad boy is perfect to offset the rareness of the meat. And dip it in the side of their VooDoo sauce – well, this is a party in your mouth, people.

Chicken Pot Pie – they only make a few of these a night, so plan accordingly. But the stars were aligned and we got one tonight (and to celebrate, I bought a lotto tix – you can’t win if you don’t play). Creamy and slightly peppery – it hits the spot with a flake crust that is baked to golden perfection.

The Butcher’s Burger – one of the best in Dallas. They pile it high with toppIMG_8963ings and the seasoning rings your bell. It’s a burger, but definitely 5 notches
above the average burger. It’s definitely a two-hander, but you are up the challenge.


And because life is hard, we ordered 4 desserts.
The banana pudding – by far, the table favorite. Fluffy marshmellow topping, and a delectable vanilla pudding with crumbled nilla wafers and banana pieces. Put this in your mouth. You’ll thank me.

Key Lime Pie – this was a Friday special. We love us some key lime pie, and this did not disappoint with its tartness and graham cracker crust.IMG_8973

Molten Chocolate Cake – your standard fare. Still amazing with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and hot ganache inside.

Butterscotch Pot de Crème – this one is a NS favorite, caramel popcorn with a pot of butterscotch cream to dip them in. What? Oh you heard me. It’s glorious sugar overload

What to eat here: SO many things – but you need to start with the Bar Snacks with the amazing onion dip. The London Broil is melt-in-your-mouth amazing and sits on a bed of fries that Krista dubbed “addictive.” And finish this off with a Banana Pudding. Again. Just put that in your mouth.

What to drink here: All the drinks are fantastic so you can’t really go wrong. Ask the fabulous servers for their drink special of the night – ours was a vodka pineapple concoction that tasted like an Italian soda. With a kick. The Pops Martini Salad is a must try – the vodka pour is strong and it comes with pickled carrots, cauliflower, peppers and some blue cheese olives. Basically, you can count this as a serving of vegetables.

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They have two locations, Lovers/Inwood in Dallas and Village on the Parkway in Addison. Entrees run from $14-35.
Neighborhood Services