Snitches, you know I loves me some pizza. I could eat pizza everyday. I could eat tacos everyday, too. And good burgers. And fried chicken. I’m just going to make this simple. I could eat everything. Everyday. I should get that tattooed on my person. Or just a tattoo of a series of food emojis. Is that too hipster-y?

Back to loving pizza. We checked out another pizza joint this week – Fireside Pies. They aren’t new-new as they have been around for a while but they are opening up ANOTHER location off of Cedar Springs so we wanted to get the scoop on their fall menu for ya’ll and make sure that the pizza is still awesome. SPOILER ALERT: it IS still awesome.

They have some great scratch cocktails and they do an incredible job of adding in some impressive seasonal varieties and seasonal beers- so check out the blackboard in the restaurant to see what’s the good word on the latest flavors.

We ordered a couple of red wines and dug into the menu. Which isn’t a big menu – which was a welcome change to some places that drop a phone book on the table and then come back 3 minutes later and want to know if you’re ready. Spoiler alert: I usually am not ready. Back to the menu: it was hard to narrow down because it smells amazing in there, so you just want to say “bring me one of everything” – but then you remember you have to fit into pants the next day.


The had a few additions to the menu since we were last here, and one thing jumped out at me: The Garlic Bites. We all know how much carbs complete our lives. These were fabulous. They were fire grilled yet still nice and doughy. Then sprinkled generously with parmesan and garlic butter. You also get their super tasty marinara to dip them in. I could eat about 8,000 sticks. Why are appetizers always so freakin’ delicious? Sometimes I only order apps and liquor. I know what you’re thinking….that’s freakin’ genius. Yeah. I know.


What should you order?
We also ordered the 4-Cheese Salad to share. Because of the name. And because I realized I hadn’t had a salad in about 4 days. How can I turn down a salad that has 4 cheeses in it? And yes, it’s a ton of cheese. On lettuce. Which makes it a salad. It is drizzled with a roasted red pepper dressing. That counts for two servings of vegetables. Don’t check the internet. Just believe what I’m saying here.

A few great options of pizza to choose from – we got our favorite Triple ‘Roni with truffle oil. I order anything with truffle oil on it. I love that earthy savoriness. They also garnish it with some ripped basil. And being fire grilled makes for a bubbled up crispy crust. It’s all fancy. If you feel like licking the plate, we won’t judge.

What was the topper?
Hell, yeah, they got a good one. The Market Fruit Crisp this time was the Apple Crumble – and is part of their Fall menu. And it was so scrumptious. Served in a cast iron skillet – the apple chunks are fire roasted so they have a crispness to them and then drenched in an apple pie cinnamon glaze. They cover that with  cinnamon graham crumbles. Then a giant dollop of cinnamon ice cream. That’s like Fall your mouth. Again, you’ll want to put your face in that skillet and lick it. And again, we won’t judge.

Fireside Pies
2600 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas (COMING OCTOBER 2016)
1285 South Main Street, Grapevine
5717 Legacy Drive, Plano
7709 Inwood Road, Dallas
2820 North Henderson Ave, Dallas

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