There is nothing finer than brunch on a weekend. You know this, man. This is when we kick day-drinking up a notch and start throwing back the liquor at 10am. Which opens up the opportunity for napping in the afternoon. Which makes for the BEST. DAY. EVER.

breadwinners plano and downtown

We went with #snitchfriends Matt and Dana to Breadwinners recently for some great food and a little something-something for the effort. BEHOLD – the $10 mimosa. It’s not the best deal we have seen…until you see that they bring you the ENTIRE champagne split. You get to decide how much you pour in – needless to say, that ENTIRE split went right in. See how nicely it fits in the glass? It’s like it was meant to be…meant to be in my stomach. Oh yeah.

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You got FOUR locations for Breadwinners to get your weekend eating on – Northpark Center, Plano, Uptown and Inwood Village – they pretty much have created a delicious carb net over the city. When you walk in, you’re greeted by the most amazing pastry counter where you can get a variety of cookies, breads and slabs of cinnamon rolls. You can also buy whole pies and cakes… you know, for later. Which in my world, means about 2 hours later when you’re sitting in front of the TV binge watching Netflix with a half-eaten pie and a spoon. We’ve all been here. Let’s not judge.

breadwinners cherry pie
breadwinners plano and downtown
breadwinners pastry shelf

When you sit down – they slide a plate of baked good in the center of the table BEFORE you even get your drink order in. Banana bread, spice bread, blueberry muffin, and some cinnamon bread – was this my grandma’s house? How did they know I love carbs? I wiped a tear away, and then it was sword fight of forks. Definitely do not leave the table for any reason – this is not a time for graciousness and friendship. This is a time for stuffing your face.


What did we order?
We were all over that menu, including one of their best known dishes – the Chicken and Waffles. The chicken is huge, so you’re not just getting a tender, you’re getting a full-on piece of chicken fried to perfection. And it comes smothered in jalapeño gravy. That’s a beautiful thing. After getting past the first few bites, Matt leans over to let me know that there is bacon IN the waffle. Did I hear that correctly? Bacon IN the waffle? This is like next level good. You’re getting savory crispy chicken, sweet waffles and syrup AND salty bacon COVERED in white gravy gold. That’s so much happiness on one plate it’s like french-kissing Hello Kitty.

A couple of plates of farmhouse breakfast tacos also graced the table. These were stuffed with cheese, bacon, potatoes, chiles, eggs and bacon. I know I said bacon twice. I like bacon. And there was A LOT of bacon. I also said “stuffed with” – you could have actually made 4 tacos from all the tastiness. Top those bad boys with salsa and go at it with your fork – you’ll need the utensils for this one. Ask for some hot sauce if you like things spicy – it kicks up the heat nicely. You’re welcome.

We also ventured into “lunch” and got the Chicken Club Sandwich which was served on a super fluffy croissant bread. Strong enough to support a perfectly grilled chicken and toppings, but light and buttery enough to not weigh it down. There was also bacon in there. Don’t make me have to mention that twice. The french fries were good – but not the best we’ve had. They neither added nor detracted from the meal. We were glad we didn’t swap them for the fruit option. That’s just wrong. Don’t eat a sandwich with fruit cup. You have a tomato on the sandwich – that’s a freaking fruit. You don’t put a tomato in a fruit salad. I don’t know where I lost control of this description, but I feel righteous about that “tomato in a fruit salad” thing.


What should you get? Feel like a winner and get the Chicken and Waffles. It’s definitely a stand out dish. Get the mimosa – because champagne makes everything seems like a celebration. Also stop off and get some cookies or a pie on the way out. You know. For later.

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Uptown 3301 McKinney Ave • Dallas, TX 75204
Inwood Village 5560 West Lovers Lane • Dallas, TX 75209
Plano 4021 Preston Road • Plano, TX 75093
NorthPark Center 8687 N. Central Expressway (on the CenterPark Garden) • Dallas TX