I have forgotten my lunch on my kitchen counter more times than I can count. And I usually remember this fact when I’m at the “point of no return” – you know when you’re just far enough from your house that it’s too far to turn back around and still make it to work. Notice I didn’t say “make it to work on time” because what does that mean really? I never leave on time, so getting there on time is a kind of flexible in my mind. Basically, we all get there before the flit hits the shan. We all know what I’m talking about here. We’re cool like that.

Anyway, so now you’re at work, and it’s noon-ish and you’re starving. Besides eating handfuls of pretzels and Starbursts, you’re going to need to go grab something to eat. I’m here for you people, I’m here for you. What you need is a sandwich. But not a tired sandwich  from the office deli. Grab one of these beauties and it’ll hold you till dinner. Unless someone brought donuts, then you might want an afternoon sugar fix. Check out the list below – I got some options all over town.



If you haven’t checked out Eatzi’s by now – what is wrong with you? Seriously? What is wrong with you? Walk into one, for Pete’s sake, because the minute you walk in, you want to eat everything. Pace yourself! This is lunch on a weekday, you gotta keep it together. K.I.T.

They got pretty much a 1,000 options for you for lunch including sushi, pizza and pasta – but if you’re trying to keep it light, check out the made-to-order sandwich bar. You can pick your bread baked fresh that morning. You can pick from an amazing selection of meats. And you can dress it with some amazing spreads and veggies. Our favorite is the roasted turkey and pesto on the rye. They stack it deep – so be prepared to have the “meat sweats” if you eat the whole thing in one sitting. You can also grab a side salad on the way out. And a cookie or a brownie. Or both. Ain’t nobody judging you. Damn. Just get both.

5 locations – Grapevine, Oak Lawn, Plano, Fort Worth, Lovers Lane – find them here.

East Hampton Sandwich Co.
The sandwiches here are so good, they are magical. Like, are there wizards back there? Or pixies or something? I’ve had about 6 different types of sandwiches from this place, and they all taste so so good.


What you should get if you’re a newbie is the Buffalo Bleu Chicken Sandwich. It’s fried chicken (which you know is the best protein base albeit not the healthiest) and they dip it in buffalo sauce and then layer that on fluffy bun with this tangy bleu cheese dressing and bacon. Two words for this sandwich: FREAKING AMAZING. I keep going back to this one. If buffalo ain’t your thing, the Chicken Ranch is also delicious. Hell. Just get anything on the menu. Wizards, man. Wizards.

6 locations – Fort Worth, Shops at Legacy, Snider Plaza, Turtle Creek, North Dallas, Southlake – find them here


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The cool part about Remedy is that they take a great base and then remake it in the best way. The decor is like a 1920’s soda fountain, but remade to be more adult.


You won’t find hotdogs and chicken fingers on the menu here. They make their own infused sodas here. It’s legit. We checked out Remedy a few months back and the I still dream about the creaminess of their grilled cheese sandwich. It’s made with pachi pachi cheddar. I don’t know what that means. I think it means yummy yummy cheddar. That’s all you need know, too. They also throw in a grilled tomato and then slap that wholesome between two pieces of griddled sourdough bread. Pair it with the tomato soup. That’s not a request. Do this. Otherwise, what will you dip it in? Duh.

Remedy is located in lower Greenville.
2010 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

TJ’s Seafood Market


I love a good lobster roll. There are a few places around town that say they have a good lobster roll – they do not – THIS is where you get a good lobster roll. It’s so fresh, it’s like they just pulled this out of the ocean and slapped it on a brioche bun. If you’re old-school, get The Cold New England – it’s got a house-made mayo and is refreshing as heck. If you like a little warm – get the Hot Connecticut, this one has a drawn butter and a bit of garlic. Either way you get it,  everything works together so well. It’s like a freaking symphony. It’s the John Williams of sandwiches. John Williams created Jaws. Jaws is from the ocean. Lobster is from the ocean. This analogy works. And yes, I believe that Jaws is real.

2 locations – Highland Park and Preston/Royal – find them here

Bread Zeppelin
Have you ever been eating a salad and been thinking, “why is this so much work? Why can’t salads be faster to eat?” I think that all that time. What’s with all the shoveling? Lazy is an art form for me. If there are ways to cut out steps, oh Imma


gonna find it. Enter the genius of Bread Zeppelin. You go through the line and choose all your salad ingredients and then they core out a freshly baked baguette and stuff that freakin’ salad into the bread. It’s both a salad and a sandwich. You get 40 items to choose from and 20 dressings – so you never get bored. And they chop it down before stuffing it in there – so you aren’t pulling out whole spinach leaves when you’re chowing down. That would suck. Amiright? It’s all bite sized – so you get a salad that is fast to eat. Bing. Bang. Boom. Lunch.

5 locations – Plano, Las Colinas, Southlake, Downtown, The Colony- find them here

So if you forget your lunch – we got you covered. Now if you forget your laptop. That’s a drag….especially if you’ve already past the “point of no return” – if that happens, just call in sick.

And then go grab a sandwich.

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