Summer is all about drinking, sunning and swimming – all fun but none good for your face. So now that the Sun Days are starting to dwindle – it’s time to drench your face in moisture to keep you looking fresh and not like tree bark. You know what I’m talking about.

And what is easier than slapping something on your face, surfing the web, and then rinsing it off? Let’s give it up for uncomplicated stuff. We need more of that! Cream face masks have been around for years, but now sheet masks are all the rage.

What are sheet masks? Thin cotton sheets drenched in a liquid serum formula that can be used to hydrate and brighten. By holding on to the skin – they actually allow heat to be trapped and the hydrating effect is enhanced. They are a little tricky to apply – I accidently dropped one on the ground once. And no, the 5-second rule does NOT apply here.

Sheet masks are cool as hell. But don’t get lulled into the trendiness of the sheet mask – it doesn’t completely replace the standard thick cream mask since they don’t treat fine lines as well, they are more of a weekly boost or perfect to hydrate after those terribly drying flights.

Check out the ones below and keep your face from cracking:

Skin Clarifying
Tea Tree Clay Mask by The Body Shop

This is a mud mask – so the texture is a little on the thick side. It’s great to cleanse your skin and reduce oiliness to create a matte texture. Super simple and very satisfying to feel your skin afterward … it just feels like a reset. Tea tree oil is like magic, it has antibacterial properties which makes it perfect for clearing up any sunscreen-induced acne. It’s also kind of tingly, which is fun.

Super Hydrating
When 10:00pm Sheet Mask

This is PERFECT for after a day of drying sun/swim – it’s also great for after flying. The mask is a bio-cellulose sheet which is made from coconuts. Coconuts are like the MacGyver of fruits. Need a bra? Grab a coconut. Need to make horse hoof sounds? Grab a coconut. The possibilities are both endless and bizarre. The mask is covered in a  lightweight serum containing watermelon extracts, vitamin C, lycopene, ginseng extracts, and amino acids. Hydrolyzed collagen is added to help your skin retain moisture levels which plump it up and make those fine lines vanish.

Even Up Your Texture
Ginseng Peel-Off Mask

As a kid, did you ever pour Elmer’s glue on your arm, and gross out your friends by peeling off the white layers? Yeah. Me, too! This mask will remind you of simpler days where we didn’t have to pay for utilities and gas…and summer lasted forever. This mask is easy to apply – it’s fairly thin and it dries to a pearly finish – so it’s also less jarring than the charcoal ones. When it’s dry, it wiggle your face to loosen it and then peel it away taking with it dead skin, dullness and other gross stuff. Then delight in the freshness that is your skin. Concocted with coffee beans, panax ginseng and fruit acids – you’ll be treated to smoother, tighter skin with less visible pores.

When You Need a Deep Clean, like, NOW
Purity Made Simple Mask by Philosophy

Sometimes you’re in a rush, but you need a little more than just the average scrub. Maybe you were outside and you have that “outside soot” on you – you know what I’m talking about, that layer of pollen, dirt and who-knows-what on your smile holder. Enter the Purity Made Simple mask – this will transform you from plain crazy to plain awesome – from dull, tired skin into a luminous, spa-like glow. This formula uses minerals, marine extracts, vitamins E and sea salt to get in all the pesky pores to really pull out all the gunk. The application couldn’t be easier – you apply it on dry skin and massage it in til it turns white – leave that frosting on for 1 minutes an then rinse it off.

Are you familiar with K-Beauty? It’s becoming all the rage with products, so I figured I’d give it a try. It’s very focused on preserving your skin and getting you to a poreless perfection. Some regimens are 10-12 steps – yeah EFF that. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

What is K-Beauty? Essentially a name to categorize the Korean Influence on skincare products and lengthy daily regimes that are focused on skin care products rather than makeup. The end goal is to achieve a complexion that has a dewy, glowing finish, so that you need LESS makeup.

For When You Want to Treat Your Skin AND Look Like a Tiger at the Same Time
Animal Tiger Wrinkle Sheet Mask by SNP

Tiger Mask
Ulta, $5

This K-Beauty mask is just fun – it’s actually got a tiger face printed on it so you get to look like nimble jungle hunter for about 20 minutes while you’re wearing it. While being stylish (?) you’re also reversing the look of dull skin cells to uncover more radiant skin that feels firms. It also has that McGyver-like Coconut water so that it’s ultra hydrating. This mask also has a boatload of vitamins, including evening primrose oil, acai berry extract, and adenosine.

Now you have no reasons left to leave your face dry and tight – slap one of these on and check your insta….you know you were going to waste 20 minutes anyway…might as well get your face in order while you’re doing it!

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