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Get Over to This French Toast Place

I heart bread. Who doesn’t? Carbs are so delicious. Why are ALL the things we love bad for us? Why? Where are the scientists who are trying to figure out why bread and bacon aren’t better for us? Where are you? I would fund that. I would fund the hell out of that.

We all know that carbs are the cornerstone to a good weekend breakfast. So how amazing it is when a restaurant opens and their whole reason for being is French Toast? What what? Is this science at work? I totally love when restaurants put a stake in the ground and focus on one thing – and they perfect it. They perfect the hell out of it.


Seriously. The restaurant is SO focused on French Toast….it’s just called French Toast. I know, that’s confusing when you’re trying to make plans to go. We went with #snitchfriends Darren and Aura and it was kind of hilarious trying to plan this one:

“Where do you want to go?”
“There’s a place that just serves French Toast.”
“Cool! Let’s go there. What’s it called?”
“French Toast.”
“I love French Toast. What’s it called.”
“French Toast.”

I’m sure at some point they thought I was just being crazy and repeating the phrase “French Toast” over and over again. This has happened before – so I don’t blame them. French Toast. Sorry, I got stuck again.

Okay, this breakfast joint is located at the corner of Preston Road and Frankford Road in Far North Dallas. When you walk in, the restaurant looks like the love child of Z Galleria and the Art Deco movement. Great airy space with a nice punches of silvery mirrors and shiny black leather. It’s not a big space but they have a it laid out well – so you’re not RIGHTNEXT to your neighbor’s table. I hate being so close to the next table you can hear them chew. UGH.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When we went in October 2016, there were NO brunch drinks here. So if you’re jonesing for a mimosa or a Bloody Mary, you are not getting one here. This is why I’m calling it a breakfast joint, not a brunch joint.

What did we get?
The menu has both sweet and savory options – so that fits any mood you’re in. And true to form, one entire side of the menu was JUST French Toast split between the two categories. We ended up getting the Foxy Brown – which was crispy, sweet french toast swirled with this decadent dark chocolate sauce and a very generous sprinkling of chocolate chips. Hot Damn. Hot French Damn. This was so good you don’t even need syrup.

We also got Courtney’s Marnier Brûlée French Toast- which was not quite as sweet as the Foxy Brown, but it was definitely a keeper. Its base is a french baguette and has a whipped Marnier creme – so light and fluffy. We also ventured into the savory territory and got The Count. The Count is their version of a Monte Cristo with turkey, ham and swiss cheese inside two grilled french toast pieces and topped with a sweet strawberry jam. It is a fork/knife sandwich, it’s not a “pick up.” Very very good. The butteriness of this one was the selling point – and it was really well layered – not too heavy on any one element. Which is when you know you’re eating a great sandwich.


If French Toast isn’t your thing for breakfast (why are you here again?), you can also get pancakes and waffles and eggs. We didn’t do that. YOU could do that. I would judge you and your life choices. Just like how some people put ketchup on corn dogs at the State Fair. I’m not saying that’s wrong. But I’m not saying that’s right, either.

French Toast
18101 Preston Rd
Dallas, TX 75252

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