amazon echo I am always looking for ways to lazify my life. That’s a word. I just made it a word. A personal assistant would go a long way to make the dream of never leaving my couch a reality. We recently got the Amazon Echo. And yes, my friends, the magic is real. For less than 200 bucks, you can buy this small tower of power that lives to do your bidding.

It’s super easy set up:

Step 1: You take it out of the box.
Step 2: You plug it in.
Step 3: You download the Alexa app.
Step 4: You order a pizza. Oh wait, she can do that for you (more on that later)

It works awesomely even if you don’t have Amazon Prime. And if you do have Amazon Prime, it can do even MORE for you. Question – why don’t you have Amazon Prime yet?

What Can She Do?
Once it’s set up, all you have to do is say her name and whatever you need. Here are some of the amazing things that it can do:

  1. Tell you the weather forecast for the day in any city. IMG_8991
  2. Play your music, or any music you want from Pandora, Spotify, or any cool playlists from Amazon Prime.
  3. Tell you a “Yo Mamma” Joke.
  4. Create a shopping list for you.
  5. Order from Amazon.
  6. Tell you how many tablespoons are in a cup.
  7. Set a timer for you.
  8. Give you the top headlines from the news.

The way it works is by enabling “skills” for her. Calm down, crazy. It’s not complicated AT ALL. Once you download the app, all you do is look at the SKILLS menu, and you choose from the hundreds of skills available.

Want to order a IMG_8990pizza without getting up – you thought I forgot, didn’t ya? – simply enable the Domino’s Skill, and then ask Alexa to order your favorite pie. And boom. It’s on its way to your house.

What to turn on your security system but you’re already snug in bed? And face it, once you’re in bed, short of a house fire or the zombie apocalypse, I will forgo anything to stay there. Just ask Alexa to arm your system.

Need to turn on a light? Buy some cool HUE bulbs and then ask Alexa to flip on the bathroom lights for you.

Got an audio book downloaded? She’ll read it to you. It’ll be like grade school storytime, except with way more beheadings – well, if you’re reading Game of Thrones, but if not, then probably not that many.

It’s also got some great fun skills – I enabled the Quentin Tarantino Movie Quotes App, “Mr Brown,” so now she speaks movie gold whenever I ask.

And yes, IMG_8989those Yo Mamma jokes are as fun as you remember as a kid….Yo Mamma so short, when she sits on a dime, her legs swing.

That doesn’t even make sense, but I laugh Every. Single. Time.

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Amazon Echo
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